The Unexpected Advantages of a Laptop

advantages-of-a-laptopA while back, it occurred to me that there was a much bigger world out there and I was getting restless. I had lived my entire life in the same country and I wanted to experience more. I would move to a new country. At the same time, I decided that I would take along only those belongings that would fit in four suitcases; everything else would have to go. This decision would change my life. Along the way, it also converted me from a desktop PC user to a notebook user.

One of the items I considered absolutely necessary to take with me for a successful move was my PC. It contained all the important e-mails I had sent and received in my life, as well as my financial records and other critical information. In addition, the PC was how I intended to earn a living in my new home. But the desktop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse were incredibly bulky and heavy and I despaired of being able to transport them safely inside my luggage. The solution was obvious — I needed to replace my PC with a notebook.

After much research, I selected a notebook model that had a good reputation for reliability and durability, found a good deal online, and purchased it. Then I began the project of converting the bits and bytes from my desktop PC to my shiny new notebook.

It was not as difficult as I’d feared. I found a software package that stepped me through the process, and it wasn’t long before I had turned my new notebook into the functional equivalent of my old desktop. My goal was accomplished — I no longer had to worry about transporting the desktop tower, display, mouse, and keyboard, because all of those things were built into the notebook, in an incredibly compact space. But along the way, I realized that there was even more the notebook could do for me.

There were other things I owned that had never been part of my desktop, which I realized I could add to my notebook — photographs, music, and documentation. I proceeded to load my notebook with the music from all my CDs, plus my old vinyl records and cassette tapes. With a bit more effort, I also scanned in hundreds of photos and papers that I wanted to take along.

To me, it was a miracle. My notebook was just the same size as it was when I had first purchased it, but now in that compact space it held the contents of hundreds of bulky items that I no longer needed to worry about trying to bring with me. I never needed to decide which pieces of music I couldn’t live without; I would be able to bring it all.

In the end, the move was a complete success, and it would not have been possible without the notebook.

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  1. alexanderblake says:

    Thats awesome, just make sure to keep a good backup!

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  3. alexanderblake says:

    Thats awesome, just make sure to keep a good backup!

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