Things You Should Do Before You Get Rid of Your Computer’s Virus

You have carried out the research, and have arrived at the realization that your PC really does in fact have a computer virus. Ok now what? The most important thing to keep in mind is to not freak out. With some tips from us regarding how to get rid of viruses and a little patience, your computer virus will be removed in no time! There are several extremely important things you must be sure you do before you even begin to use an anti-virus.

You have the virus on one PC, but let’s prevent that computer virus from spreading to your other computers or your friends’ computers. The very first thing you should do is to disconnect from your wired or Wi-Fi home network. Given that you’ll still must use the internet in later steps, all that you should do is turn off the network discovery function and file and printer sharing. To achieve this on Vista navigate to the Network and Sharing Center, on a Mac go to System Preferences then “Sharing on a Mac.” If you’ve got other operating systems this information is readily accessible on the net. computer virusFor those who have a third-party firewall software, it is now time to use it. This stops all internet traffic. The final thing you want to do to prevent the computer virus from spreading is go ahead and update your operating system. This may plug up security holes which will allow the computer virus do considerable harm to your computer.

Some essential things to try to remember are to not log into any personal accounts such as email, make online purchases, connect usb drives, copy files, or enter your banking details unless you are absolutely sure your virus is entirely eliminated.

By doing these simple things before you decide to remove your PC’s viruses you will make it tougher for the computer virus to spread and avoid being removed. This could make your pc last a whole lot longer and keep it fast (or make it faster!).

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