Tips and Advice on Hard Drive Data Recovery

Many people have thought, especially when they experience a catastrophic data loss that a hard disk drive failure can’t happen to something that’s lasted for 15 years or so. They believe that hard disk drives are impossible to break down, thus the physical hard drive crash problem is not something they expect. The truth of the matter is, today’s hard disk drives run fast, run hot, and as a result can break. There is simply nothing you can do to avoid it. But, there is a way to save yourself money in a situation where a hard disk drive data recovery is necessary – back up your data.

The first step is to copy the corrupt hard disk to a new one, using a sector-to-sector copy program that will mirror the broken hard drive. There are many ‘bad sector copy, hard drive mirror’ programs that will in most cases repair bad sectors.

Stellar has awards from such names as PC World and PCQ Labs to their credit for outstanding service and recovery of some top names in our business world. When it comes to recovering your lost data, it pays to know who can bail you out, in your time of need.

There are many hard drive recovery services and support providers. They keep state-of-the-art facilities for disk recovery. They also provide annual maintenance contracts but service or support provided by them is not cheap. Most of the data recovery companies charge an attempt fee. Some of them will charge a lot of money for their work.

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Data can be lost during a power failure, because there is unsaved data in the memory which has not yet been saved to the hard drive. Data can also be lost through a disk failure which can happen for a number of reasons, usually mechanical such as a crash in the hard drive machinery itself. Software can also crash on your computer, especially if you are using Microsoft products, and could lead to a loss of data on your hard drive. Viruses or other malicious software can corrupt your data and is one of the biggest reasons for data loss. Fortunately, today’s technology provides a pretty good track record on recovering data from your hard drive.

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    I had this issue with an old laptop and cleaning the registry resolved it. I sent you an email with further thoughts on how to fix your problem.

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    The first step is to copy the corrupt hard disk to a new one, using a sector-to-sector copy program that will mirror the broken hard drive.
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