Totally Free Spyware Removal – Pay Or Not To Pay?

It doesn’t matter how much virus protection you have when the problem is malware. While it is true that some antivirus software includes adware protection, they do not have full functionality in this area and often miss adware in their scans. Downloading a separate program for malware removal is a smart move.

When spyware is installed in your computer, it monitors your usage. Much of it also installs adware with windows and messages that pop up unbidden. Some of the most malicious spyware monitors your keystrokes, allowing the creator to obtain personal information and passwords. There are some excellent free spyware detector and remover programs available for download online. These programs offer detection as well as spyware remover tools.

Take Notice of These Symptoms

You may be bombarded with pop up advertising that does not relate to websites you are visiting or that pops up even when you are not browsing the web. Much of the time, the ads are pornographic and will keep opening windows as you close them down. You might notice that your computer is being sluggish and just not performing the way it should be. Spyware often adds a toolbar to your browser and “hijacks” it. You may find that your settings have been changed and you are unable to change them back. Spyware may also cause applications to crash. If you experience an unusual amount of application crashes you should scan your computer for spyware in addition to viruses. This problem can be more than annoying. It has the potential of causing your entire system to crash.

The Best Free Malware Scanners

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Not every spyware removal program is compatible with every system. Following are the best free removers for Windows.

About Windows Defender for XP

Windows Vista comes with Windows Defender installed so if you have Vista you are all set. Windows Defender can be downloaded free for use with Windows XP. Visit Microsoft online to get it. Windows Defender has automatic updating and scheduled scanning features as well as manual scanning of system files. It lets you choose specific applications to run in the background from start up or prevent applications from running without your permission. All Windows XP users should install Windows Defender for optimal protection against spyware.

For all Windows Operating Systems 95 on up – SpyBot Search and Destroy

SpyBot Search and Destroy was created years ago and has always been offered as a free download. It is appreciated by the inexperienced users as well as the more advanced. This software provides superb protection against all kinds of spyware. It downloads the latest updates consistently, immunizes your computer based on spyware definitions, scans for problems and removes threatening files. Its more advanced features should be left alone by novices. If you aren’t sure of what you are changing, don’t use these features as it can give you grief in the future. SpyBot has a great shredding tool feature that can be used by anyone. You can drag files into the application window and chop them into little pieces as many times as you like. This feature is great for getting rid of files you don’t want found and for destroying suspected harmful files.

A “con” involved with SpyBot is a tendency to freeze up some computers when in use. You should know the problem is not common to everyone who uses it and it gets high marks from those who use it.

Windows Defender and SpyBot Search and Destroy are the best totally free spyware removal tools you will find for use with Windows. If your operating system is older than Windows XP, SpyBot should be your choice for totally free spyware removal.

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