Upgrading Your Computer To Produce Videos

Video creation on a PC is becoming all the rage. Gone are the days when creating a video was a static event, what you got on the tape was what you got. Now with more and more powerful computers it’s become possible to create very expert looking videos rivaling what independent film makers could accomplish just 10 years ago. The limitations to creating videos on your computer usually are within the computer itself. Here are some things to look at to see if your computer can handle video creation.

First, a good indicator of your ability to produce videos is the age of your computer. If your computer has been collecting dust in your den for the last 12 years, most likely you’re not going to be able to upgrade it enough to be able to process videos.

Second, is the video card. This is a very critical part of your video processing, as even innocuous tasks can take much longer with a sub standard video card. A newer video card with lots of onboard fast video memory is essential. Many of the most modern cards come with 256MB or 512MB or more, which can be a great help while processing videos.

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Third, you’ll want a decent amount of computer memory. Its not uncommon to see computers with 6GB or more of memory. But, at the very minimum 2GB of memory would be very beneficial. If you decide to upgrade your memory, don’t just buy the cheapest memory you can put your hands on, you should try to get name brand memory as it’s faster and more stable.

Fourth, is the speed of the computers processor. This is the main workhorse of every system. You’ll have to have a pretty fast processor to handle all the intensive calculations involved in working with video. As long as you’re working with a processor that has come out in the last 2-3 years, you should have enough power.

Fifth, you’ll want plenty of storage space. A large hard drive is essential as many video files end up quite large. You’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of space so that you won’t run out of hard drive space in the middle of a large video production.

Now, I’ve roughly put the items you’ll need in more or less the order of importance. I wouldn’t worry about storage space if you have an onboard video card that shares up to 256mb of RAM.

If you’re going to be processing videos on your computer, it’s essential that you have a fast, efficient machine. By making sure you’ve started with a capable machine, you’ll be much more likely to create beautiful videos with less stress. Just following these quick and easy steps should help you along that journey.

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