Using The Office Button And Quick Access Toolbar In Excel

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 contains no menus or toolbars. However, it does include a feature called the Office Button which bears a remarkable similarity to a menu as well as a Quick Access Toolbar which functions a lot like the toolbars found in previous releases of Microsoft Office. In this article, we’ll take a look at these two features and see how they work.

Excel’s Office Button

The Office Button is found in the top left of the Excel screen. When you click it, a menu appears which resembles menus found in most software programs and also in previous versions of Excel. The Office Button menu allows you to create, open, save and print documents. It also contains options for preparing documents for distribution, closing the currently active document and exiting Excel altogether.

The Office Button also contains a list of the recently opened files. Next to the name of each file is a pin icon. This icon is used to pin the associated document. Pinning a document means that it won’t disappear from the list of recently opened files. By contrast, unpinned documents will eventually disappear from the list as files are created and opened.

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It is also here that you will find “Excel Options”. (This is equivalent to Tools-Options found in previous versions of Excel.) Excel Options are displayed as a column of categorized tabs on the left of the dialog. Just click on a tab to reveal options in that category. The Excel Options customize the way in which Excel works. Let’s look at a few examples…

Excel’s Developer Tab (which contains commands for working with macros) is not visible when Excel is first installed. To make Excel display it, choose “Excel Options” from the Office Button and, in the “Popular” category, switch on the option “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”.

A second example… By default, each new document you create has three sheets. If you find this too many or too few, you can change the number of sheets which each new work will contain. Choose “Excel Options” from the Office Button and, in the “Popular” category, under the section headed “When Creating New Workbooks Include this Many Sheets”, simply enter your preferred number of sheets for each new workbook you create.

The Excel Quick Access Toolbar

The Excel Quick Access Toolbar is usually displayed in the top left of the screen, next to the Office Button. It functions in a similar way to the toolbars found in old versions of Microsoft Excel.

download breaking and entering dvdrip By default, the Quick Access Toolbar contains only three commands: saving the current workbook, undoing commands and redoing commands.

To the right of the three default commands is a menu which enables you to personalize the Quick Access Toolbar and determine which buttons are displayed and which commands remain hidden.

download invasion the divx Each of the commands in the Quick Access Toolbar menu is a switch: if a command is active, when you select it, it will be removed: if a command is hidden, choosing it will make it visible.

Another method of customizing the Quick Access Toolbar is to add your favorite options from the Excel Ribbon. Just right click on an option in any of the Tabs of the Ribbon. In the context menu which pops up, simply choose “Add To Quick Access Toolbar”.

If you find that you are using the Quick Access Toolbar a lot, you may find it convenient to move it below the Ribbon. Simply choose “Show Below The Ribbon” from the Quick Access Toolbar drop-down menu. You can also make the Quick Access Toolbar more accessible by minimizing the ribbon. To do this, double-click on the name of any ribbon Tab or choose “Minimize the Ribbon” from the Quick Access Toolbar menu.

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