Vent Servers Aren’t Only For Gamers

A Vent server is most often used for gaming however that is not their only use. In fact, there are a number of uses for a Vent server that many people do not even realize are available to them. You don’t even have to be a gamer to enjoy the benefits that can be gained through the use of this software.

There are many non-traditional uses for a Vent server. One of the most important is that you can use a Vent server to save you a lot of money on phone bills and stay in touch with far away friends and family. The freeware version of the Vent server software supports as many as eight connections; they don’t need to be connected simultaneously but there are eight available slots on the server.

VOIP is becoming a popular alternative to traditional phone service. It is less expensive and the connection is significantly better and in many cases you can even obtain service for free depending on the service you use. With Vent server options,  you also have the ability to host your entire family or close friends all at the same time. Because it’s freeware, there is no cost unless you pay for a hosting company or are renting, which is the case of individuals who want more than eight slots but less than the 1000 that are required for the pro version.

There is a cost if you are going to rent the vent server; however, this cost is significantly less than the standard long distance plan. It can also be split among everyone using the service making it even more cost effective than traditional long distance service plans. It also uses the internet, which means there is less of a chance of lag time and it has better audio quality.

Vent servers offer a great solution for the needs of gamers and VOIP users alike. They provide higher quality communications at a lower price than is available from a phone company. Businesses can also benefit since they provide better performance than traditional phones and cost less. A small business that needs to keep an eye on their budget can save quite a lot of money by using Vent servers.

This is especially cost effective for those companies that are small and are looking for ways to integrate functions not only for effectiveness but also do reduce overhead expenses. A Vent server is a great way to reduce household expenses by using your already existing internet service as a way to reduce the expense of a long distance plan.

You can also use it to plan parties since it is designed for conference and multiple caller connections. Finding a host for a Vent server is easy if you need more than the slots provided by the freeware version or even if you are in need of more bandwidth. It still maintains a high level of quality and cost effectiveness.

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