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Integrates a wide variety of online storage services so you can access all of your documents anywhere. Makes it easy to create basic documents and spreadsheets on the go.

The Bad:
Loses formatting and rich content on advanced documents and spreadsheets, can’t edit .xlsx spreadsheets or spreadsheets with multiple sheets.


Want an app that will let you create and edit Word and Excel files on the go from your iPhone or iPod Touch without breaking your budget?  Office2 is one of the cheapest Office apps available for your iOS device, with several editions to let you only buy the features you need.  It’s also a great way to access all of your documents from all of your cloud storages, including Dropbox, Google Docs, MobileMe, and more.  We’ll take you on a tour of Office2’s features and let you see if this is the Office app for you.

Getting Started

The most important thing about any Office app is documents, and Office2 does a great job at making it easy to access your favorite and important files.  When you open the app, you’ll immediately see the files stored in the app; on first run, you won’t see any files, but can quickly add some.


First, you can add files you may already have in email messages or in other apps such as Dropbox.  Just click the arrow button the bottom when previewing a document, then select Office2.


When you’re syncing your device with iTunes, you can also add documents to Office2 from your device’s Apps tab in iTunes.


You’ll see any files you’ve added from a computer or created directly in Office2 directly in Local Files, while files you open from emails and other apps will be saved in the Inbox.  You can create new documents directly in Office2 by pressing the plus button in the top right corner; select the file type you wish to create, enter a name, and then you’ll be ready to start adding info.


Additionally, you can integrate a variety of online storage services to Office2 so you can open all of your files directly on your iOS device.  Press the back button on the Office2 Local Files main screen, then press Edit on the next screen.


Now choose to add a new service, select the service you want, and enter your account info as normal.  Feel free to add as many services as you wish; you’re not limited to just one.


Once you’re done, you’ll be able to choose to open files locally or from any of the services you added.


You can open any file supported by Office2, including PDF files and images that it can display but not edit.  Simple press the file name to download and open it, select a folder to browse its contents, or move and delete files from the buttons on the bottom.


Or, press the blue arrow beside a document to edit its name or email the file.  Alternately, if you have another iPhone Office app installed, press Open In to open the file you’ve stored in Office2 in the other app.


All of the File screens have a gear button on the bottom toolbar.  Press this to edit your Office2 settings.  Here you can choose to view invisible files, customize regional options, and select .doc or .docx as your primary document format.


Editor Features

Since iOS includes very good viewers for most standard document files, most people will want an Office app to edit their documents.  Office2 lets you create new documents and spreadsheets, and lets you save documents in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format, while letting you save spreadsheets in .xls or .pdf formats only.  Each editor contains a limited feature set compared to full desktop Office, however.  Let’s look at each editor’s features.

– Editing Documents

Office2’s document editor offers a fairly robust set of tools to create files and tweak existing documents.  It includes a similar feature set to WordPad on a PC, with the addition of spelling check and the option to save files as PDF.


You can change a variety of font options, center your text, indent, and more.


There are more features on the bottom toolbar than are displayed at once, so pan to the right on the bar to insert a table or picture, find something in the document, check spelling and word count, or undo an edit.


Despite the great font editing support, Office2 actually faired fairly bad at editing existing documents.  Here we opened a document that included a detailed header, sidebars, and images on the second page before we edited it.


In Office2, the document lost much of its formatting, including images and sidebars.


Then, when saving the document, all of the unsupported features were fully lost.  Below you can see the same document after we changed some of the fonts; the saved copy lost the images, header, and sidebar.  So, if you’re editing a document that contains complex formatting, we recommend saving the edited file as a new version so you can keep your edits and the original formatting, then merge them later on a computer.


Still, though, this can be handy if you only need to type up rich notes and short documents on your phone, since it makes it quick to add formatting and images.  If you want to email a more complex message, you could always type it up in Office2, then save as a PDF and email that to your coworker.


– Editing Spreadsheets

Office2 includes support for a wide range of standard spreadsheet functions, but it struggled even more than the document editor at rendering our spreadsheets.  It is supposed to support editing all XLS and CSV files, but we found it often pushed all of our rows together into an extremely long row 1, making our data unusable.


On more complex files, including those with graphs and multiple sheets, the app would often encounter errors and be unable to open the workbook.


It doesn’t support editing XLSX files from Excel 2007 or 2010 at all, though you can still view them in the app and copy data to a new sheet.


That said, with single-sheet XLS formatted spreadsheets without complex graphs, Office2 did work very well.  It worked with the most common functions, and let you edit text and more as you would expect.


You can also resize the tables and change border settings directly from the app, as well as sort columns and search for content.


We’ve found it useful to have a robust way to create spreadsheets on the go, especially when comparing prices between stores.  While you may not be able to use Office2 with your more complex spreadsheets you already have, you may still find it useful if you’re a spreadsheet fan.



Office2 is rather popular because of its cheap price; it only costs $5.99, whereas many other Office apps cost $10 or more.  It is also is available in several versions, so you can pick the features you need.  If you only need an easy way to view documents from all your online storage solutions together, you can download Office2 Plus for free.  It contains all of Office2’s viewing features, and then you can upgrade in the app to save edited documents.

Alternately, if you only need to edit either documents or spreadsheets, you can download Doc2 or Sheet2, which include the only the document or spreadsheet editing features, respectively, for $3.99 each.  Finally, if you have an iPad and want Office2 on it, you can get Office2 HD for $7.99.  It includes the same features, but is reworked for the larger screen.



If you run into trouble with Office2, you can always tap the i icon located on the bottom toolbar of all the file browser screens.  This will open a help page that will give you quick tips and tricks on using Office2.  Unfortunately, however, you’ll need to be online to access the help files.


If you need more help, you can check their website which includes a feature list including Excel functions supported, in addition to their support site and Twitter feed.


If you’re wanting a great way to access all of your cloud documents easily, and quickly create simple documents and spreadsheets, Office2 is an economical app that you may find useful.  We enjoyed the cloud storage support and speed of the app, but were very disappointed that it lost important images and data in many documents and had difficulty rendering complex spreadsheets.  Still, though, it can be convenient to be able to type formatted text and create simple spreadsheets on the go, and this app still works good for that.  If you’ve used it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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This product was reviewed on 11/4/10.

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