Web Hosting and Domain Names, Where To Begin?

When you make the decision to start a website for your business, it is a big step. Going from the world of offline business where clients are limited to geographical locations to online where the entire world is a potential client can be overwhelming.

Many things must be taken into consideration. Once you have your product and the website design set, you will have to put those ideas together and pick a proper web hosting company.

The first thing you should decide on is a domain name. This is perhaps the single most important decision you can make. You want something that is professional. The domain name will reflect the nature of your business. Avoid using cute names, people tend to skip to the next website.

When picking a name for your website, it is best to keep it concise and easy to remember. You will have to design your site around your customers as they are the ones who will be utilizing the site. Will it be easy to type? Can you spell your domain name at the phone without much trouble? Choose your website design carefully as this will not be your permanent home on the internet

It might take a long time to find the web hosting company that you feel is right for you. Since there will be a number of options, it is most important that the business owner ask all the necessary questions and that the web hosting company is able to answer those questions in a full and complete manner.

The most important part of any web hosting company is their ability to bring quality and reliable service to their customers. Lack of space on a website can cause a shut down of your website for part of or the full month. This is not the goal you’ve set for your business. Ask the web hosting company if it offers an uptime guarantee. Guarantees often show the integrity of the business.

Those who are new to Internet Marketing will have more questions than those who have used it previously. Sometimes the questions you need to ask will not be during business hours. It is key to have a number of ways that you can reach the customer service department and that it is open 24 hours a day.

Storage and bandwidth are just as important in order to build your website. Most likely, you will not know what your website is, but the web hosting company will. If you want a flashy site, you will need more bandwidth. Always do your research beforehand on the various companies that offer hosting services.

A good way to find your answers is to do some research. A Google search will yield all of the information you need. The world is your potential client, reach out and make contact. It will ensure the success of your business.

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  2. Daren says:

    Great Post.
    I always use http://domainTyper.com to find my domain names. It’s very fast, and knows all the domain extensions. Even has a domain generator if you have no clue which name to pick. 🙂

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