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Computer is important part of our life. We perform many of our tasks on computer and the computer is not complete if it does not have a internet connection. We can not do many of our daily tasks without internet such as sending and receiving Emails, Banking and may more. As internet is a sea full of treasures and hazards, in our schools and office we have a limited access to the internet sites. As per a survey 70 % of the internet bandwidth is wasted by the employees in surfing the internet sites which are not relevant to their work. In schools the students can visit the porn websites which are not relevant for them. So to stop the miss use of the Internet the Network administrators had blocked the internet access to these websites. But if there is a will there is a way. People find out the way to surf the blocked websites. There are many ways we can access the blocked websites

1. Anonymous Proxy Sites: This is the easiest way of surfing the blocked content in your company or school network. There are million of these web sites which we can use to surf the web. Behind this way of surfing the internet there is a simple technology. To use the internet through web proxy just type the address of that website in the address bar and after that you can go to any website through the web proxy web site. The web proxy website is not visible to the network administrator. One you open the proxy website and type the desired website name it makes a tunnel between you terminal and the web proxy server. To move to other sites it just shift the proxy ip address so your network administrator will not be able to catch you. Some time these proxy websites works as secure websites with https:// syntax. These anonymous proxy websites are not secure for web surfing, because the hackers can fetch some data from the data stream. Some time virus and Trojan Horses can attack you network with these websites. Unwanted ads it the major problem with these sites. There are millions of anonymous web proxy websites over the internet. If the network administrator blocks the users find the other website. It is like a hide and seek game between the users and the administrators.

There are some programs also which can divert all your network traffic to the local port and surf the blocked websites without any troubles. Ultrasurf is one such program which we can install and surf the internet using it

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