What Mobile Virus Threats Will Rear Their Ugly Head in 2012?

What Mobile Virus Threats Will Rear Their Ugly Head in 2012?

Some people state that mobile devices are immune from most types of computer virus software, but there are very real threats in the wild. The 2012 year will probably see mobile device threats spread out to a global level, but Kaspersky Lab claims that attackers will need to alter their methods since so many security firms are working to prevent targeted attacks. This means that email attachment attacks will probably start to loose effectiveness.

However, browser attacks will probably increase in number. Smartphones are widely used, so it is fully expected that people will start to see more attacks in the coming months. Browser attacks could be seen as rather effective, because of the way that people use cellular devices to check different web resources while out on the go. Users that are in a rush might be a little less careful than desktop users for that matter.

Google Android might have a skateboarding fool for a mascot, but users need to be a little more aware than the green robot might suggest. That platform is particularly popular. That means that there are many computer criminals in the wild that will probably target it. Some technology news aficionados might remember that similar fears have been raised for years about desktop computers using the Microsoft Windows platform. In fact, software being attacked because of a large user base goes back to the days of MS-DOS.

While it might not initially sound like much, one of the threats to look out for this year involves hoax emails. Hoaxes do not sound dangerous, but they can cause cellular phone users to modify their behavior. Then again, many users can pick out those hoax emails since they’re so used to alleged foreign princes offering them money in exchange for their bank account. Spam messages should be deleted, and no one should respond to them.


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