What type of laptop should I buy?

Choosing a laptop is mostly about the use that you need it for, as well as your financial criteria, of course. The following info can help you make your choice.

For entertainment (music and movies)

Choose a laptop with a big screen (over 15”) with high definition (preferably 1920×1080) and a HDMI output. It is better to also have a big HDD (over 500GB) as well as a Blu-ray player.

If you want to carry it around a lot

Choose a laptop with a small screen (up to 14”), light (less than 2 kilos) and with a big battery span ( at least 5 hours).If you want it mainly for getting your emails and go online, then a netbook would be a better solution, as netbooks have a slower processor and smaller memory but they are cheaper.

For video- image editing and games

Choose a laptop with a big screen (over 15”) with a big screen resolution, a strong processor (e.g. i7), efficient memory (4GB and more) and a significantly big HDD capacity. Also, the screen card should have an independent memory.

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