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With this version, Windows Live Photo Gallery becomes more than a tool/Organizer, along with iPhoto ($79 Direct, 4-star), Apple full Google Picasa (Free, 4-star); consumer photo editing even matches some of Adobe Photoshop Elements’ to $99.99 direct (4 stars). New features in Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 car are facial recognition and geotagging, but the application as a whole feels more polished and powerful previous incarnations that.

New version of Windows Live Photo Gallery now feels more like a complete image editing that has in any previous version, but manages to maintain its ease of use for the general consumer applications.The main window is now adorned with a Ribbon at the top; Office toolbar and new allows tab find that it applies a filter by keyword, rating, date, face, and more. Then tape is three panels showing folders on the left, the images in the middle and actions as the tagging and editing in a panel on the right interface.

As the most advanced photo applications like Lightroom, double-click click an image in Windows Live Photo Gallery opens it, and do it again, again to view Gallery. In the bottom right, there are arrows rotate image below and previous buttons and a slider zoom size of the thumbnail and single picture you can see any zoom level want you (the mouse wheel can also be used to zoom). Hold down the left mouse button allows you to get an overview of the photo, that I have found a way to very fluid navigation image.

I hope that in the left pane provides an option import iPhoto manera.La last tab look, however, you can fill this role; allows you to limit the view Gallery taken date, month, or year, as well as by people in the pictures, the classification by stars and checked state. You can also click the binocular icon to search within these results. If the default interface doesn’t suit you, you can customize by adding or subtracting a quick access toolbar located below the Ribbon or at the edge of the window to save space display options.

Import photos
Import experience is just what you want. As import, you can group photos by date and time, add tags, add the date to the file names and now sets a base file name.Camera RAW files are supported, but only if you have installed codec for your camera manufacturer in Windows.Afortunadamente, Gallery you if required to do so, and even takes you to the camera manufacturer’s download site.

I found working with large raw files slower in Windows Live Photo Gallery in pro-level applications such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (US $ 299 Street) and unlike iPhoto and Picasa image adjustments worked with raw images.

Photo editing
All projected picture settings are on offer: straightening cropping, red-eye correction, exposure, including noise reduction and color correction.Buttons allow you to automatically apply patches, but a “Fine ratings” button provides more in-depth control (such as an adjustable histogram, highlights, shadows, sharpness and colour temperature).This version adds a new tool: blemish removal, which worked excellently in my tests, as well as the correction of red-eye.

An automatic adjustment option allows you to configure what you want to set: any combination of exposure, color, NR and straightening.Did very well mostly in my test, images never drastically exaggerating brightness or other factors, as some editors ocasionalmente.La Edition is non-destructive than at any time, you can return to the original.A new batch editing lets you apply fixes a lot of images selected at a time, but only works with auto corrections: color, exposure, straightening and noise reduction, not with the adjustment.

Jazzing photos
Gallery offers not frivolous frames, doodads, or make wild to beautify effects pictures of how some tools like Roxio.En instead, provides some tools for tasteful effects: black and white, sepia and cyan. seams by the panorama of the application role has been impressive for a free tool; iPhoto or Picasa still do not offer an equivalent capacity.

A new innovative Photo Fuse option allows you to obtain the best aspect of everyone in the Group made up of several disparos.Es photo a kind of a companion for the panoramic stitch application tool and comparable to that found in Adobe Photoshop Elements.Mis results were interesting but is not perfect: some people ended up with big hair, or worse still, two ears on one side of the head.

Photo Gallery now binds elements, iPhoto and Picasa to offer a retouch imperfections. tool worked wonderfully to correct skin on my tests and much more simply than Picasa, requiring discolorations that select an area of origin and destination.

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